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A New Book by a Diversity Trailblazer

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Leveling the Playing Field for Diverse Professionals

Get the strategies you need to chart your own path and achieve your dreams, regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability status. Sharon E. Jones is a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Her book, Mastering the Game: Strategies for Career Success, is designed to level the playing field for diverse professionals in entry-level to mid-career positions. Standing out from the white male majority presents additional challenges in navigating workplace culture and gaining leadership roles in a variety of professional fields, including law, business, medicine, and technology. When you or your employees read Mastering the Game, you'll get practical guidance and more than 100 strategies on how to make a difference in your work environment and achieve your career goals in any sector.

"Mastering the Game is like a treatise for career development. Jam-packed with honest advice that too often women and minorities do not get to hear, Jones teaches you skills you may not have known you needed and gives you actionable steps to start practicing them. "

“Best of all for busy professionals, Mastering the Game is designed so that it can be read in small doses creating the opportunity for a career pick me up over coffee or on your commute!”

“As a young woman of color, I found Mastering the Game to add evidence-based context to the confusing, challenging, and sometimes frustrating situations I've encountered in the workplace. This book is for anyone looking to better understand how to succeed in their work environment and a great asset for anyone seeking to enhance not only diversity, but also inclusion in the workplace.”

“Rather than leaving your professional path up to trial-and-error, you can use Mastering the Game as a refreshing guide. This book gives you a chance to identify tactical solutions that fit your needs and realize your full potential in the workplace. I now feel better equipped to pursue my professional goals with renewed confidence. I highly recommend!”

“Frankly (sadly) I am ‘too busy’ to read. I wanted to just skim Mastering the Game quickly to get the highlights- and then didn’t want to put it down. The number of pages that I ‘dog-eared’ to go back to was in the dozens. FABULOUS work! Our ladies and men of color need this book so desperately and Sharon’s straight talk – without being condescending – was masterful.”

“Mastering the Game is a book for "anyone who has ever felt marginalized in his or her organization for any reason." It is jam-packed with bits of advice for those who may find it difficult to navigate life in the workplace. It is written in an easily digestible style, outlining 10 rules for career success, perfect for reading in small doses.”

“I found the section of the book that discussed how to strategically self-promote yourself to be the most valuable. Personally, I have always found it difficult to self-promote because I did not want to come across as braggy or put myself above others. But this book challenged me to think about self-promotion in a different way.”

“I would highly recommend this book for someone who is just entering the workforce or is currently in the workplace but feels frustrated with how their career is advancing. Parts of the book are focused specifically toward women, racial or ethnic minorities but much of the advice is universal. In all, this book is perfect companion to working life, and I will no doubt revisit it during times of self-reflection.”

“I am thrilled to endorse this book by Sharon Jones! A clear, no-nonsense, accessible guide to career success!”

“Mastering the Game was an easy read and I anticipate it being a useful tool as I continue advancing in my career. The authors effectively outlined ten practical rules to help employees navigate a corporate and/or professional environment.”

“This book "is designed to level the playing field for diverse professionals" in part because white men compose a majority of the work force in many corporate and professional environments. Even with this being true, people who are white, male, or both can still gain a great deal from this book because being so does not automatically mean you know how to play “the game.” I highly recommend all people who work in, or aspire to work in, corporate/professional environments read this book!”

“Perfect balance of practical, conceptual, and relevant today. The authors do a fantastic job of teaching foundations for success which are applicable to essentially all fields of work, and then they outline specific tactics to put strategy into practice. This includes examples of specific actions to take in the workplace, activities for self-reflection, and guidance on prioritization. Even if many of these concepts are familiar, the book presents its case in a distinctly tangible and applicable way. This will help anyone learn to optimally navigate the workplace in today's world.”

“Fantastic Read and one to be read again! Navigating the corporate work place is not always easy as a minority. This book not only provides a path and gives direction on how to navigate this world (that's not meant for us). It is a boost of confidence and assurance!”

“Amazing book. Excellent read and extremely helpful for advice for ambitious individuals starting their careers.”

About Sharon E. Jones

Sharon E. Jones is a lawyer, author, public speaker, and consultant who specializes in diversity and inclusion training for individuals and companies. As CEO of Jones Diversity, Ms. Jones helps organizations enhance their competitive edge by fully utilizing and retaining diverse individuals. She advises clients on how to create inclusive organizational cultures and promote diverse individuals into leadership roles.

Decades of Experience
Ms. Jones has practiced law and been a community leader for more than 25 years. Over the course of her career, she has held positions with major law firms, with Fortune 500 corporations, and as a federal prosecutor. She has been highly successful as a litigator, counselor, educator, and problem-solver regarding extremely complex and sensitive matters. Most recently, she served as chief operating officer and executive vice president for the Chicago Urban League, an organization with over 75 employees and a $10 million budget.

Inspiring Others to Achieve Success
Ms. Jones decided to write Mastering the Game: Strategies for Career Success so that other people could avoid some of the pitfalls that she has experienced over the course of her professional life. She spent a long time searching for the perfect job before realizing that she could make any job perfect for herself. Over the years, she has trained and mentored countless other diverse professionals, and she is inspired by seeing these people achieve success and become agents of change.

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